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Microcosm Tk 

Simmons college 

300 the fenwa> 

massachusett. c 

microcosm staff 

deborah jacqmin & cheryl waixel 

layout editor 
Christine gallagher 

art editor 
ann newton 

photography editor 
judy canty 

business manager 
barbara gabianelli 

senior section editor & circulation manager 
ruthellen o'brien 

phyllis feinberg & rena dinarello 

staff photographers 
karen birch, marsha fader, janet falk, ellen 
giacomozzi, emily kramer, deborah lerner, 
jane loeser & lincoln studios 

Virginia bratton 



jmmunity coi 
community cc 
nmunity com 

'ty commur 
yf com n 

Beginning my studies the first step pleas'd me so much, 
The mere fact of consciousness, these forms, the power of motivation, 
The least insect or animal, the senses, eyesight, love, 
The first step I say awed me and pleas'd me so much, 
I have hardly gone and hardly wish'd to go any farther, 
But stop and loiter all the time to sing it in ecstatic songs. 

wait whitman 









■''****•'***** ***** 








vbHHHb' iM 1 


ft. * 






May Breakfast 



Spring Barbecue 




raculty facu 

jlty faculty fa 

acuity faculty 

faculty facu I* 

acuity facr 

f ^cult* 


No man can reveal to you aught but that which 
already lies half asleep in the dawning of your 

The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, 
among his followers, gives not of his wisdom but rather 
of his faith and his lovingness. 

If he is indeed wise he does not bid you enter the 
house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the 
threshold of your own mind. 

kahlil gibran 



^H ^Ht.. j^JB. 

^^^W T&F ,/■"**■ jJB, K ^K 1 

.^"^ * ^ K 

H^t r^^^-i} 

P^ l^^\ s 

1 <0*j**M ^MfsSfflH 

ft I^SH ^ 



E' 'fk. MuMliM^^S^&Si^^^k^ 

/ ^m .^ 

■ — ■—^^^'BB 

Charlotte M. Morocco 

William S. Sutton 

Vice President for Program Development 


William F. Kahl 

Provost and Professor of History 

Brenda S. Franklin 
Associate Dean 


Charles A. Coverdale 

Assistant Professor of Management 

Elaine C. Hubbard 

Associate Professor of Nursing and 

Chairman of the Department 

Thomas J. Wallace 
Associate Professor of Art 


jresa S. Carterette 

isociate Professor of Psychology and 

;f/ng Chairman of the Department 

Marion D. de B. Kilson 

Associate Professor of Sociology and 

Chairman of the Department 

Richard B. Carpenter 

Professor of Art and Chairman of the 

Department of Art and Music 



John S. Robinson 

Associate Professor of Education and Chairman 

of the Department 

Wylie Sypher 

Alumnae Professorial Chair and Chairman 

of the Department of English 


iavid S. Perry 

ssociate Professor of English 

Carol R. Ochs 

Associate Professor of Philosophy and 

Chairman of the Department 

oel S. Weinberg 

<ssociate Professor of Education and Director 

■f the Elementary Program in Education 


Richard Freedman 
Associate Professor of English 

John C. Hunter 
Professor of History and 
Chairman of the Department 

Dorothy F. Williams 

Professor of Publishing and 

Chairman of the Department of Publication 


Carroll F. Miles 

Professor of Government and 

Chairman of the Department 

Barbara F. Ash 

Assistant Professor of Business Administration 

and Director of the Secretarial Studies Program 

obert C. Vernon 
rofessor of Physics and 
■hairman of the Department 


Woodrow W. Baldwin 

Professor of Business Administration 

and Chairman of the Department of Management 

Alden W. Poole 
Lecturer on Journalism 

Julian L. Solinger 
Professor of Biology and 
Chairman of the Department 


Jerry A. Bell 

Associate Professor of Chemistry and 

Chairman of the Department 

Peter W. Castle 

Associate Professor of Psychology and 

Acting Chairman of the Department 

Virginia L Bratton 
Professor of Graphic Arts 


George W. Nitchie 
Professor of English 

Daniel A. Sankowsky 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics 

Doris E. Olmstead 

Assistant Professor of Physical 



Margaret S. Menzin 

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and 

Chairman of the Department 

Raymond F. Bosworth 

Lecturer on Editorial Procedures 

Bruce W. Warren 

Assistant Professor of Business 



Eleanor J. Gawne 

Professor of Home Economics Education 

Douglas J. Perry, Jr. 
Assistant Professor of English 

Roy M. Tollefson 
Professor of Government 


Lawrence L. Langer 
Associate Professor of English 

Henry J. Halko 
Professor of History 

Donald R. Sherk 

Associate Professor of Economics and 

Chairman of the Department 


Donald L Fessenden 
Lecturer on Journalism 

Charles E. L'Homme 
Associate Professor of English 

Charles R. Mackey 

Chairman of the Department of Foreign 

Languages and Literatures 

Margaret M. Hennig 

Associate Professor of Management 

and Director of the Prince Program 


^niorb v 
seniors sei . 

seniors senio 
sniors seniors 

niors seniors ' 

; ors senior? 

r s sen k 


There was a child went forth every day, 

And the first object he look'd upon, that object he became, 

And that object became part of him for the day or a certain 

part of the day, 
Or for many years or stretching cycles of years. 

wait whitman 

Lydia A. H. Smith 

Assistant Professor of Education 

Margaret Caldwell 

Assistant Professor of Biology 

Manfred Klein 
Professor of German 

Barbara Kemp 

Assistant Professor of Education 

Paul Goldenberg 
Instructor in Education 


Helen Mamikonian 

Associate Professor of Russian 


Marylee Everett 

Assistant Professor of Biology 


Betsy Bernstein Elementary Education 

Susan Lieppe Psychology 

Harriet Fox Mathematics 

Emily Barkin English 


Susan Anderson Mathematics 

L. Jane Andrews Home Economics 

Kathleen Adams Psychology 

Lisa Bathras English/ Education 



imie Babington Elementary Education 

Roberta Wernick Psychology/ Elementary Education 

Janice Woods Elementary Education 

Cheryl Clarke Psychology/ Elementary Education 



Phyllis Johnston Publication 

Michelle Alman English 

Margaret Dougherty 

Home Economics/ Elementary Education 

Madelyn Meyers Economics 


eraldine Sligar 

'ome Economics/ Elementary Education 

Anne Bermant Sociology/ Spanish 

Jean Middendorf Elementary Education 

usan Barker English 



Barbara Kotzen Psychology 

Ann Marie McCarthy Nursing 

Christine Mac Donald Biology 

Janie Gallant Psychology/ Elementary Education 


Jeanne Andrews Publication 

jail Riggs Psychology 

Rena Dinarello Finance/Art 

Joanne Franzen French /Education 


Jill Berie Elementary Education 


Barbara Beste Retailing 

Linda Mark Physical Thei 

a • ^ 



1 Ip^L.^ 



^H , 



R ' 

:■■;■ . r 






Diane Brody Publication 


^mida Magnarelli French 

3ette Baker Nursing /English 

Mary Cosgrove Psychology 

Mary D'Alessandro Psychology 


Mary Lou (De Ciantis) Hurlbut English 


Susan Butler Physical Therapy 

Catherine Burt Home Economics 

Linda Towse Government 


Karen Caldwell Chemistry 

Gayle Chan English/ French 

Mary Crowe Physical Therapy 

Barbara Coolidge American Studies 



1**-** - • 


p«?r 7'PJnMll 

! ' 

MM *| , Jg j ■ ] 




!.^- "1 

^■"' r ": ';;.■-■. 



.■.;-^__L.^i : .^i!.-...-2-:.,J 

Susan Atamian Nursing 

Beverly Hirst Physical Therapy 

Susan Landon English 

Lynn Lazer American Studies/ Government 


Linda Gilmore Biology/ Elementary Education 

Wendy Midgley Home Economics 

Karen Gutfinski Publication 

Diana Nathan Physical Therapy 


Susan Baker English 

Sue Franklin English/ Education 


Patricia Arnold Elementary Education 

Martha Wyman Nursing 


Mlyson Sherman Economics 

Ann Carpenter Home Economics/ Elementary Education 

Robin Rothstein English 

Pamela Rice Physical Therapy 


Doris Yock History 

Deborah MacDonald Medical Technology 

Priscilla Osborne English/ French 


j0 Qs^Ji 


1 » 

V J^B|- 

I V. ■ 


■ lH 


Janet Fitzsimonds Elementary Education 


Karen Scibinico English/ Education 

Maureen LaFleur English/ Education 

Thelma Sloane Nursing 

Karen Piazza Biology/ Education 


Judith (Kingsbury) Aghakian Sociology 

Iris Rosen Management/ Psychology 

Ellen Keane History/ Education 

Barbara Curcio English/ Education 


Gloria Dennis Finance 

Cynthia Sarno Nursing 

Beverly Ash Biology 

Norma Herzlinger French 


Janice Robinson Chemistry 

Barbara Goldfarb Physical Therapy 

Maureen McGuckian Finance 

Sofia Rodriguez Publication 


Ellen Giacomozzi Publication/ English 

Grace Muscarella History 

Jina Guarino Finance 

Donna Gilton Elementary Education/ History 


Ann Harlow English 

Jacqueline Rockel Government 

Thyra Jackson French /Education 

Linda Shire Biology/ Education 


oberta Fiske Psychology / English 

Cheryl Lundquist Psychology 

snnifer Kay English/ Psychology 

Janet Harper Home Economics 


Marjorie Frankel Art History 

Carol Lichtman Elementary Education 

Barbara Luce History/ Education 

Tracy Phelan Art History 


ay Severance Math /Education 

Faye Nisonoff Math/ Education 

ancy Finkel Elementary Education 

Babette Lienhard Retailing 



Susan Cappe English /Education 

Jo Ann Indelicato Government 

Grace Yu Biology 

Mary Louise D'Aquilo Nursing 


iriam Halzel Biology 

arenFlanzer Elementary Education 

Gloria Robison Home Economics/ Elementary Education 

Janet Mar Biology 



Roberta Birken Elementary Education 

Krista Telangitz Psychology 

Penny Gaffin Home Economics 

Nancy Paul Psychology 


een Craffey Government 

Leslie Solomont Saltzberg Psychology/ Elementary Education 

va Walker Retailing 

Linda Roy Math I Education 


Shelley Goldenberg Elementary Education 

Peggy Abel man English 

Beth Reapsome Home Economics 

Natalie Rosenbaum History/ Education 


eila Costigan Nursing 

Anita Nager Psychology 

dith Kaye Management/ Economics 

Jeanne McCann Elementary Education 


Cynthia Slotkin Mathematics/ Education 

Ann Newton Publication 

Mary Garden English /Education 

Marsha Fader American Studies 


Janet Shea English 

Catherine McMahon Government 

Phyllis Feinberg Publication 

Camille Baptiste Physical Therapy 


Susan Skaves English/ French 

Barbara Gabianelli Mathematics 

Evelyn Gordon History/ Education 

Marta Leipzig Publication 


obin Fogel Psychology/ Elementary Education 

Fanny Guterman Home Economics 

nda Parseghian French 

Patricia Costello English 


Susan Murdza Art History/ Government 

Pamela Hilton English 

Anne McGillvray Philosophy 

Marcia Knight English 


Jancy Harriet Philosophy 

Deidre O'Brien Management 

Roberta Anderson Elementary Education 

Gwen Bryan Home Economics 


m» r WMF . *;/» 

Margaret Koltko Elementary Education 

Wr \ 

i ~ 1 



~~ -\j 





BB^* 4 



Diane Ursprung Jette Physical Therapy 

Claire Chessey Nursing 

Kate Orgel Elementary Education 

Linda Peters Publication 


inne Yee Government 

Margaret Pickett English /Education 

i: i5*XVXaa,.«J f 

Carol Rosenberg Elementary Education 

aula Flanagan Nursing 

Maureen Fleming Publication 



Mary Hines History/ Education 

Susan Haley French/ Education 

Cheryl Waixel Publication 

Rita Estrin Psychology 


eth Grindell Head Medical Technology 

Karen Perros Physical Therapy 

Ruthellen O'Brien Management 

andi Savoy Mathematics 


Delia Rodbart Spanish I Economics 

Elizabeth Crimmins Art History 

Ellen Day English 

Lynda Cal lender 

Home Economics/ Elementary Education 


atherine Russell Economics 

Ellen Mazzone English /Education 

Mary Ann Flannary Home Economics 

lona Cordish Art History 



Susan Cohen Mathematics/ Psychology 

Anne Cormack Nursing 

Kathleen Connelly English 

Joanne Costa Biology 


Lucie My-Chau Bui Publication 

Elsa Galdston Management 

yrna Butkovitz American Studies 

Edith Spurr Nursing 


Barbara Dinoff Elementary Education 

Wendy Cronburg Home Economics 

Linda Serabian Psychology 

Patricia Dudley French 


len Cordover Elementary Education 

Jane Binder Spanish /Education 

Elaine DeSimone Psychology/ Elementary Education 

Andrea Edson Sociology 


Christine Gallagher Publication 

Janice Nicholls Elementary Education 

Karen St. Germain Mathematics 

Ellen Kraft Biology 


Susan Neuwirth Orthoptics/ Home Economics 

Nancy Prendergast Philosophy/ English 

cy Menendian French/ Education 

Mary Gouse Elementary Education 


Emily Kramer Management 

Pamela Murdoch Rottier Elementary Education 

Ann Oliver Economics 


Alma Hirsch History 


ida Kane Peiken Spanish /Secondary Education 

Lila Hinshaw English 

Karen Kotzen Kraft Psychology 

incy Polishook Elementary Education 


Karen Viola Home Economics 

Cheryl Gruber History 

Deborah Jacqmin Publications 

Diane Loomis English /Education/ French 


| ■ 




A * » 

v yy ? i 



mV -■" 


V ■ 

' 1 


■ J 


irbara Quan Mathematics 

Katherine Angell Home Economics 

rry Perm Sociology 

Jane Loeser Government/ Psychology 


Donna Gillis Math I Secondary Education 

Elaine Gillies Sociology 

Rhonda Seegal Publication 

Barbara Silver French /Secondary Education 


lary Ireland Publication 

iail Fix English 

Nancy Peterson Math/ Secondary Education 

Elizabeth deMille Medical Technology 


Judith Weinberg Elementary Education 

June Russell Chemistry 


Sheila Kuritz Elementary Education 

Rita Ricketson Mathematics 



lichelle Tucker Elementary Education 

Elinor Lipman Publication 

Joan Levy Psychology 


Deborah Riva Nursing/ Spanish 

Joanne Tarnoff Psychology 

Susan Schonberger French I Education 

Jamie Reynolds Publication 


legina Laskowski Elementary Education 

Deborah Rose Mathematics 

;atherine Leonard Government 

Joyce Kravetz Psychology 


Lois Rich English Education 

Laura Roggi Psychology 

Jean Steinschneider English 


Reva Weiner Management/ Economics 

Marcia Libman Mathematics/ Education 

onnie Wallach History/ Philosophy 

Elaine Williams Spanish/ Education 



Ellen Dotson Home Economics 

Cheryl Himmelstein Philosophy 

Barbara Feldman Spanish/ Secondary Education 


inda Wacholder History/ Secondary Education 

Reina Duval English /Sociology 

'aula Schenck Biology 

Joyce Feld Psychology 


Lynne Aronson Psychology 

Danny Williams English 

Doris Robinson Psychology 


<athryn Dowd Publication/ English 

Jeanne McCarty Government 

Judith Shea English 

Susan Stewart English I Secondary Education 





Father-Daughter Weekend 





. JK& 




\belman, Peggy, 1105 North Rodney Street, Wilmington, 
3el. 19806; 76 

\dams, Kathleen Jeanne, 93 Cherry Street, Gardner, 
i/lass. 01440; Hillel, Newman Club, Psychology Club, Psy- 
:hology Liaison Committee; 48 

wjhakian, Judith (Kingsbury), 117 Spring Street, Med- 
ield, Mass.; Glee Club, Publicity Committee— Student 
Coordinating Council; 64 

Mien, Carolyn, 435 Lowell Street, Lexington, Mass. 02173 

Vlman, Michelle Jean, 54 Claremont Avenue, Arlington, 
/lass. 02174; Assistant Editor— Potpourri, Contributing 
iditor— Janus; 50 

Anderson, Roberta Mary, 75 Center Street, Pembroke, 
Vlass. 02359; 83 

Anderson, Susan Marie, 125 Center Street, North Easton, 
Vlass. 02356; Librarian, Personnel Manager— Glee Club; 

Andrews, (Lois) Jane, 24 Chapman Road, West Hartford, 
Conn. 06107; 48 

Andrews, Jeanne Ann, 24 Candlewood Drive, Topsfield, 
Mass. 01983; Copy Editor— Janus; 53 

Angell, Katherine Gale, 65 Gould Street, Quincy, Mass. 
021 70; 99 

Arnold, Patricia Ann, 33 Tory Hole Road, Darien, Conn. 
06820; 60 

Aronson, Lynne Cheryl, 26 Athens Drive, Saugus, Mass. 
01906; 110 

Arthur, Elaine, 44 Harvard Street, Newtonville, Mass. 

Ash, Beverly Mary, 200 Ocean Avenue, Revere, Mass. 
02151; American Chemical Society Student Affiliate, Biol- 
ogy Liaison Committee, Executive Committee— Commuter 
Organization; 65 

Atamian, Susan, 303 Pond Street, Boston, Mass. 02130; 
Big Sister, Evaluation Committee— Department of Nursing; 

Babington, Jamie Jo, 5930 West 87 Terrace, Overland 
Park, Kansas 66207; 49 

Baker, Bette Ann, 169 Lafayette Road, Portsmouth, N.H. 
03801; Glee Club, Frosh Representative, Academic Affairs 
Committee, Curriculum Committee— Nursing Department, 
Marjorie Stimson Honors Award; 55 

Baker, Susan Merle, 24 Messier Street, East Brunswick, 
N.J. 08816; Simmons News, Hillel; 60 

Baptiste, Camille Karyn, 2336 West 20 Place, Gary, Ind. 
46404; Treasurer— Black Student Organization, Simmons 
Drama Society; 79 

Barker, Susan, Oliver Street, New Castle, N.H. 03854; 
Glee Club, Drama Society, Editor— Potpourri, English Liai- 
son Committee; 51 

Barkin, Emily Joy, 31 Irving Road, Natick, Mass. 01760; 

Posters, Skit— Father-Daughter Weekend, Arts, Poetry 

Readings— SCOPE, Junior Welcome Committee, House 
Counselor, Potpourri; 47 

Bathras, Lisa, 410 Preble Street, South Portland, Me. 
04106; Vice President— South Hall, Big Sister; 48 

Berie, Jill Ann, 49 Crest Road, Ridgewood, N.J. 07450; 54 

Bermant, Ann Beth, 15 Shore Road, Rye, N.Y. 10580; 51 

Bernstein, Betsy Ellen, 329 Harvard Street, Apt. 32, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 02139; 47 

Beste, Barbara, 185 Shady Brook Lane, Princeton, N.J. 
08540; 54 

Binder, Jane Ellen, 70 Craig Street, Milton, Mass. 02186; 
Foreign Language Liaison Committee; 93 

Birken, Roberta (Kempner), 29 Orient Avenue, Arlington 
Heights, Mass. 02174; Hillel, Commuter Organization; 74 

Blancher, Carol, 11 Henshaw Street, Brighton, Mass. 

Borden, Jane Elinor, 1 Burnt Meadow Road, Groton, 
Mass. 01450 

Boyle, (Rosemary) Leah, 331 Washington Street, North 
Pembroke, Mass. 02358 

Bragdon, Elizabeth, The Madeira School, Greenway, Va. 

Brody, Diane Eve, White Hill Lane, Cumberland, R.I. 
02864; Corresponding Secretary— Hillel, Campus Guide, 
Photography Editor, Editor-in-Chief— Janus; 54 

Bryan, Gwendolyn Marie, 1711 Dillahunt Street, New 
Bern, N.C. 28560; Black Student Organization; 83 

Bui, Lucie My-Chau, 905 McKimmon Road, Fayetteville, 
N.C. 28303; Photographer— Office of Public Information; 

Bulkeley, Nancy Hazen, 71 Hunter Drive, West Hartford, 
Conn. 06107 


Burt, Catherine Louise, 4 McKinley Street, Concord N.H. 
03301; Social Chairman— South Hall, Liaison Com- 
mittee—Department of Home Economics; 56 

Butkovitz, Myrna Ann, 84a Bowdoin Street, Maiden, Mass. 
02148; 91 

Butler, Susan Marie, 69 Sanford Street, Melrose, Mass. 
02176; Commuter Organization, Simmons News, Ski Club, 
Physical Therapy Club, Junior Welcome; 56 

Caldwell, Karen Elizabeth, 125 Conant Street, Revere, 
Mass. 02151; Secretary, Officer— Student Affiliate of the 
American Chemical Society, Commuter Organization, 
Chemistry Liaison Committee; 57 

Cordish, Rona Jane, 3226 Fallstaff Road, Baltimore, MD 
21215; Chairman— Saturday Morning Discussion— Father- 
Daughter Weekend 1970, Art Liason Committee; 89 

Cordover, Ellen Jane, 46 Avis Drive, New Rochelle, New 
York 10804; 93 

Cormack, Anne, 40 Cumberland Road, Leominster, Mass. 
01453; Student Advisor; 90 

Cosgrove, Mary Maude, 16 Maple Street, Woodsville, 
N.H.; Psychology Liason Committee, Newman Club; 55 

Costa, Joanne Marie, 2 Vista Street, Roslindale, Mass.; 90 

Davidson, Janine Lea, 162 Park Street, Springfield, Ver- 
mont 05156 

Davis, Patricia Jean, 1205 Old Concord Road, Monroe- 
ville, Penn. 15146 

Day, Ellen Virginia, 34 Boswell Road, Reading, Mass. 
01867; Glee Club, President— Glee Club; 88 

De Mille, Elizabeth Barker, 184 School Street, Milton, 
Mass. 02187; 101 

Dench, Maryjane Mellor, 143 Park Drive, Apt. 17, Boston, 
Mass. 02215 

Callender, Lynda Martha, 11 Woodward Street, Everett, 
Mass. 02149; Black Student Organization; 88 

Cappe, Susan Gail, Harbor Road, Sands Point, N.Y. 
11050; Reporter— Simmons News, Community Advis- 
or-South Hall; 72 

Carpenter, Ann Elizabeth, 47 Ashland Street, Lynn, Mass. 

Chan, Gayle Jocelyn, 79 Blue Pool Road, 6/F, Happy Val- 
ley, Hong Kong; President— Chinese Students Club; 57 

Chessey, Claire Ann, Douglas Hill, Maine 04023; Nursing 
Liason Committee, Secretary— Morse Hall; 84 

Clarke, Cheryl Pilgrim, 3 Hancock Street, Cambridge, 
Mass. 02139; Dorm Council— Arnole, Student Advisor, As- 
sistant Recruiter of Minority Students, Co-chair- 
man—Senior Week Activities; 49 

Cohen, Susan Barbara, 66 Monroe Street, New Britain, 
Conn. 06051; Freshman Representative, Chair- 
man—Father-Daughter Weekend 1970, Student Represen- 
tative to Administrative Board, Community Advis- 
or—Simmons Hall, Honor Board, Student Guide, Treasur- 
er—Freshmen Orientation 1970; 90 

Cohen, Terry Beth, 19 Elmwood Street, Worcester, Mass. 
01602; Academy 

Connelly, Kathellen Ann, 313 Foote Road, South Glaston- 
bury, Conn. 06073; Janus, Course Evaluation Committee; 

Coolidge, Barbara Bowles, 235 Goddard Avenue, Brook- 
line, Mass.; 57 

Copplestone, Kathrun Elizabeth, 6 Shadow Lane, Well- 
esley, Mass. 02181 

Costello, Patricia Anne, 34 Hawthorne Street, Roslindale, 
Mass.; Academy, English Liason Committee; 81 

Costigan, Sheila Marie, 92 Colonel Bell Drive, Brockton, 
Mass. 02401; Big Sister, Nursing Liason Committee; 77 

Cox, Janet Clark, 23 Parker Court, Florham Park, N.J. 

Craffey, Eileen Marie, 98 Center Street, Bridgewater, 
Mass. 02324; Commuter Representative— Academic Af- 
fairs Committee; 75 

Crimmins, Elizabeth Kay, 715 North Main Street, Palmer, 
Mass. 01069; Advisory Committee— Career Planning and 
Counseling Center, Chairman— Art Liason Committee, 
Transfer Welcome, Freshmen Orientation Committee; 88 

Cronburg, Wendy Sue, 46 Thornberry Road, Winchester, 
Mass. 01890; Decorating Committee— Father-Daughter 
1969, Decorating Chairman— May Breakfast 1970, Deco- 
rating Chairman— Father-Daughter 1970; 92 

Crowe, Mary Alice, 15 Beverly Road, Northboro, MA; 
Physical Therapy Club; 57 

Curcio, Barbara Ann, 15 Homer Avenue, Cambridge, 
Mass. 02138; President— Commuter Organization, Execu- 
tive Committee— Commuter Organization; 64 

D'Alessandro, Mary Eileen, 7 Dartmouth Street, Peabody, 
Mass. 01960; 55 

D'Aquila, Mary Louise, 27 Meadow Street, Newington, 
Conn. 061 1 1 ; Glee Club, Director— Ten Steps Down; 72 

Dennis, Cora Louise, P.O. Box 76, Monrovia, Liberia 

Dennis, Gloria Verna, P.O. Box 76, Monrovia, Liberia; 65 

DeRemer, Kathleen Ellen, 22 Lenox Road, Derry, New 
Hampshire 03038 

DeSimone, Elaine Maria, 224 Moraine Street, Brockton, 
Mass. 02401; Dorm Morse Hall; 93 

Detmer, Linda Michael, 6 Waites Landing Road, Falmouth 
Foreside, Maine; Psychology Liaison 

Dinarello, Rena Marie, 132 Youle Street, Melrose, Mass. 
02176; 53 

Dinoff, Barbara Ellen, 31 Woodchester Circle, Waltham, 
Mass.; Janus— Reporter, Sophomore Representa- 
tive— Evans Hall, Freshmen Orientation Committee; 92 

Dolberg, Karyn Faith, 73 Nichols Avenue, Watertown, 
Mass.; Sociology Workshop, Psychology Club 

Dong, Mai-Li, Rua Santo Amaro, 107, Apt. C-9, Gloria, 
Rio de Janeiro, G.B., Brazil; Simmons Christian Fellow- 
ship, Chinese Students Club— Treasurer 

Dotson, Ellen Marie, 42 Henderson Street, Arlington, 
Mass.; 108 

Dougherty, Margaret Mary, 12 Lincoln Street, Dedham, 
Mass. 02026; 50 

Dowd, Kathryn Jean, 1 1 Lyman Road, Framingham, Mass. 
01701; 111 

Dudley, Patricia Joan, c/o J. P. Jones, Butternut Hollow 


Road, Greenwich, Conn. 06830; Microcosm '72, Student 
Council, French Liaison Committee, Scope, Course Eval- 
uation Committee; 92 

DuVal, Reina Maria, 1 Landor Road, Dorchester, Mass. 
02121; 109 

Edson, Andrea, Joy, 71 Stony Run, New Rochelle, New 
York; Community Advisor— Morse Hall, Student Guide, 
EEC, Sociology Workshop; 93 

Estrin, Rita, 1776 Cheshire Street, Cheshire, Conn.; Jun- 
ior Welcome Committee, Psychology Club, Psychology 
Liaison, Father-Daughter Weekend Committee 

Fix, Gail Lois, 321 East DiLido Drive, Miami Beach, FLA. 

Flanagan, Paula Jane, 121 Pleasant Avenue, Portland, 
Me. 04103 

Flanzer, Karen Gail, 4 Arthur Court, Wallingford, PA 
19086; Janus, Education Liaison, Dorm Board 

Fleming, Maureen Michele, 120 Cliff Road, Milton, Mass. 
02187; Commuter Organization, Dance Club; 85 

Fox, Harriett Ina, 53 Stuart Road, Newton Centre, Mass. 
02159; Father-Daughter Weekend; 47 

Committee; 91 

Gallagher, Christine Rose, 1302 Green Ridge Street, 
Scranton, PA 18509; House Counselor, Circulation Man- 
ager—Janus, Layout Editor— Microcosm '72; 94 

Gallant, Janie, 217 Winchester Street, Brookline, Mass. 
02146; Dorm Secretary— Mesick Hall, House Coun- 
selor— Mesick Hall; 52 

Garden, Mary Agnes, 40 Upland Road, Melrose, MA 

Gerber, Elizabeth Jane, 32 Puritan Lane, Swampscott, 
Mass. 01907; Sailing Club, Tennis Team, History Liaison 

Fader, Marsha Lee, 71 Vernon Street, Rockland, Mass.; 
Modern Dance Club 

Fader, Marsha Lee, 71 Vernon Street, Rockland, Mass.; 
Modern Dance Club; 78 

Faith, Marjorie Elizabeth, 26 Cherry Street, Chesire, 
Conn. 06410 

Feinberg, Phyllis R., 3 Jaegger Drive, Old Brookville, N.Y. 

Feld, Joyce Leslie, 8 Merrymount Drive, North Dartmouth, 
Mass. 02747; 109 

Feldman, Barbara Ann, 82 Craig Street, Milton, Mass. 
02186; 108 

Fenoglio, Mary M., 10 Chesterford Road, Winchester, 
Mass. 01890 

Ferency, Susan Hunter, 201 Main Street, Montpelier, Ver- 
mont 05601 

Findel, Nancy Ellen, 5426 Darlington Road, Pittsburgh, Pa 
15217; Treasurer— Smith Hall, Hillel Representative Smith 
Hall, Member— Tennis Team, Freshman Orientation Com- 
mittee; 71 

Fiske, Roberta Louise, 105-A Grove Street, Rutland, Ver- 
mont 05701; Glee Club 

Fiske, Roberta Louise, 105-A Grove Street, Rutland, Ver- 
mont 05701; Glee Club; 69 

Frandel, Marjorie Jane, 369 High Street, Medford, Mass.; 
Scope Poetry Series 

Franklin, Sue Ellen, 69 Chestnut Street, Claremont, N.H. 
03743; Volleyball, Big Sister, Junior Welcome, Father- 
Daughter Weekend; 60 

Franzen, Joanne Dowell, 76 First Parish Road, Scituate, 
Mass. 02066; Glee Club; 53 

Freedman, Susan Sirota, 8 Commonwealth Court, Bright- 
on, Mass.; Freshman Orientation, Big Sister, Nursing Liai- 
son Committee, Social Chairman— North Hall 

Friars, Eileen Marie, 269 Walnut Street, Shrewsbury, 
Mass.; Vice President— Class of 1972, Editor— Course 
Evaluation Booklet, Father-Daughter Weekend Com- 
mittee, Chairman— Student Coordinating Council, Strike 
Committee, Student Representative on Governance Com- 
mittee and Self-Directed Study Committee, Senior's Com- 
mittee for Commencement, Women's Caucus Steering 
Committee, National Student Congress 

Friedman, Jacque Lynn, 226 Higby Road, Utica, N.Y.; 
Math Liaison Committee 

Gabianelli, Barbara Ann, 1086 Huntington Turnpike, 
Bridgeport, Conn. 06610; North Hall Treasurer, Vice Pres- 
ident—North Hall, Transfer Welcome, Big Sister, Student 
Admissions Committee, Business Manager— Microcosm 
'72; 80 

Gaffin, Penny, 19 Barr Street, Worcester, Mass.; Dorm 
Secretary— Smith Hall, Home Economics Liaison Com- 
mittee, Hillel; 74 

Gereboff, Barbara (Ehrenhaus), 174 Hillside Avenue, 
Pawtucket, R.I. 

Giacomozzi, Ellen Marie, 102 Bower Road, Braintree, 
Mass. 02184; Glee Club, Commuter Organization; 67 

Gillies, Elaine, Margret, 170 Spear Street, South Bur- 
lington, Vermont 05401; 100 

Gillis, Donna Mary, 191 Fox Hill Road, Needham, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization, Junior Welcome; 100 

Gilmore, Linda Ann, 38 Boutin Street, Chicopee, Mass. 
01020; 59 

Gilton, Donna Louise, 139 Timson Street, Lynn, Mass.; 
Experimental Educational Community, Black Student Or- 
ganization, Watchdog Committee, Glee Club, Committee 
on Student Participation in Policy Making; 67 

Gippin, Michelle Jay, 96 Trowbridge, Cambridge, MA 

Goldblatt, Susan June, Cromwell Hill Road, Monroe, N.Y. 
10945; 92 

Goldfarb, Barbara Joan, 737 Northumberland Road, Tea- 
neck, N.J. 07666; Freshman Representative to Student 
Coordinating Council, Co-chairman Physical Therapy 
Liaison Committee, Physical Therapy Club; 66 

Gordon, Evelyn Sara, 7 Claflin Path, Brookline, Mass; 80 

Goudreau, Janice (Nicholls), 9 Cherry Street, Belmont, 
Mass. 02178; 94 

FitzSimonds, Janet Diane, 23 White Birch Drive, Trumbull, 
Conn. 06611 

Galdston, Elsa B., 78 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, 
Mass.; Symposium on Welfare, Senior Commencement 

Gouse, Mary Ruth, 644 Union Street, Portsmouth, N.H. 
Potpourri, Education Liaison Committee, Big Sister; 95 


Gruber, Cheryl Iris, 201 Fairmount Street, Dorchester, 
Mass. 02124; Commuter Organization, Hillel; 98 

Guarino, Ni/ia Carolyn, 5 Westview Avenue, Natick, 
Mass.; House* Counselor— Evans Hall, Secretary— Evans 
Hall, Academy, Helena Rubinstein Scholarship; 87 

Guterman, Fanny, Transversal 28 No. 35A-54, Bogota, 
Colombia, South America; Student Advisor— Simmons 
Hall; 87 

Gutfinski, Karen Lee, 168 Chestnut Street, Northampton, 
Mass. 01060; Art Editor— Simmons News, Graphics Editor 
Potpourri, Academy, Chairman— Big Sisters; 59 

Gutstein, Gail Sondra, 12 Cedarwood Road, White Plains, 
N.Y. 10605 

Hamway, Janice Marie, 1006 Jefferson Davis Boulevard, 
Fredericksburg, Va. 22401 

Haley, Susan (Denzler), 1074 Canterbury Street, Roslin- 
dale, Mass. 02131; Ski Club, Business Staff— Simmons 
News, Commuter Organization; 86 

Harlow, Ann Lisabeth, 335 Lisle Street, Braintree, Mass. 

Harper, Janet Marie, 61 Main Street, East Brookfield, 
Mass. 01515; Home Economics Liaison Committee, Dorm 
Vice President, Scope; 83 

Harriet, Nancy Joy, 67 Savoy Street, Providence, R.I.; Phi- 
losophy Liaison, Janus; 83 

Harris, Judith, 489 Dutton Road, Sudbury, Mass. 01776 

Haspel, Mrs. Diane Ellowitz, 2217 North 51st Street, Phila- 
delphia, Penn. 19131 

Head, Beth Grindell, Westgate Apts. #1004, M.I.T., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 02139; 87 

Hedman, Barbara Susan, 77 Sterling Road, Harrison, N.Y. 

Herzlinger, Norma Jane, 181 Grant Street, Lexington, 
Mass. 02173; Student Advisor; 65 

Hilton, Pamela Jean, 46 Newcastle Road, Brighton, Mass. 
02135; 82 

Himmelstein, Cheryl Beth, 50 Rockland Street, Swamp- 
scott, Mass. 01907; 108 

Hines, Mary Margaret, 384 West Hudson Avenue, Engle- 
wood, N.J. 07631; Academy, Chairman— History Liaison, 
Dorm President— Arnold Hall, Sophomore Representa- 
tive—Arnold Hall, Freshmen Orientation Committee; 86 

Hinshaw, Lila Clendening, 136 East 95th Street, New 
York, N.Y. 10028; 97 

Hirsch, Alma Merle, 5593 40th Avenue North, St. Peters- 
burg, Fla. 33709; 96 

Hirst, Beverly Irene, Worcester Road, Sterling, Mass.; 
Physical Therapy Club; 58 

Honigman, Linda Gluck, 1427 Commonwealth Avenue, 
Apt. 1, Brighton, Mass. 02135 

Hopkins, Hillary Joan, 78 Chestnut Street, Haverhill, 
Mass. 01830; Simmons Christian Fellowship, Simmons 
Sailing Club 

Hurlbut, Mary Lou, 10 St. John Street, West Warwick, R.I. 

Indelicato, Jo-Ann Marie, 87 Morris Street, Boston, Mass. 
02128; Commuter Organization, Student Advisor, Big Sis- 
ter, Treasurer-Scope; 72 

Ireland, Mary Elliott, 47 Pine Arden Drive, West Boylston, 
Mass. 01583; Recreation Association, Ski Team; 101 

Jackson, Thyra Rose, 11 Percy Street, Lowell, Mass.; 
Black Student Organization, House Counselor, Commu- 
nity Advisor— Arnold Hall, Senior Week Activities Co- 
Chairman; 68 

Jacqmin, Deborah Sue, 9015 Cliffwood, Houston, Texas; 
Co-Editor-in-Chief— Microcosm '72, Transfer from Kent 
State University; 98 ; 

Jette, Diane Ursprung, 76 Boston Avenue, Medford, 
Mass.; Physical Therapy Club, Dance Club; 84 

Johnston, Phyllis Helen, 84 Walpole Street, Canton, 
Mass.; Janus; 50 

Kadden, Lynn, 9 Buttonball Trail, Norwalk, Conn. 06851 

Kay, Jennifer, 70 St. Paul Street, Brookline, Mass.; 69 

Kaye, Judith Nancy, 26 Ogden Street, Providence, R.I.; 
Co-Chairman and Chairman— Economics Liaison Com- 
mittee, Dormitory Vice President; 77 

Keane, Ellen Marie, 46 Marathon Street, Arlington, Mass.; 

Kershaw, Charlotte Ann, 17 Subway Avenue, Chelmsford, 

Kestnbaum, Janis, 251 Mt. Hope Boulevard, Hastings-on- 
Hudson, N.Y.; Transfer from Harpur College, Academy 

Kezerian, Barbara Jean, 15 Kensington Road, Arlington, 
Mass. 02174 

Kirsch, Deborah Ruth, 104 Brookline Avenue, Albany, 

Knight, Marcia Louise, 657 Highland Avenue, Fall River, 
Mass.; Dorm Treasurer, Dorm Dining Room Council Rep- 
resentative, House Counselor, Academy; 82 

Koltko, Margaret Ann, 72 Colony Street, Ansonia, Conn.; 
Education Liaison Committee, Member of Publicity and 
Art Committees of Scope; 52 

Kopley, Karol Ann, 236 Welder Street, Lowell, Mass. 

Kotzen, Barbara Jo, 71 Kenilworth Street, Newton, Mass.; 
Academy, Psychology Liaison, Psychology 
Club— President; 52 

Kraft, Ellen Louise, 147 Locksley Road, Lynnfield, Mass.; 
Class Treasurer, Freshman Representative to Student 
Government, Sailing Club— President, House Counselor, 
Student Advisor; 94 

Kraft, Karen Kotzen, 291 Fellsway East, Maiden, Mass.; 
Psychology Liaison Committee. 

Kramer, Emily, 55 Howland Avenue, Teaneck, N.J.; Fresh- 
man Representative, Academic Affairs Committee, Class 
Size Study Co-Chairman, Glee Club, Student Government 
Revision Committee, H-P-F subcommittee, Secre- 
tary—Community Advisors Forum, Chairman— Business 
Liaison Committee; 96 

Kravetz, Joyce Beth, 27 Colgate Road, Beverly, Mass.; 

Kuritz, Sheila Rhona, 32 Milton Road, Brookline, Mass.; 
Dorm Fire Captain, Big Sister 

Labas, Sandra Ann, 69 Dennis Drive, New Britain, Conn.; 
Honor Board Representative, Sailing Club, Biology liai- 
son, Student Advisor, Parietal Commission Board, Aca- 
demy, Hospitality Chairman— Biology Department 


LaGour, Lynne Denise, 2026 Millbrook Way, Columbus, 
Ohio 43219 

LaFleur, Maureen Anne, 184 Leewood Street, Manches- 
ter, N.H. 03103; House Counselor, Freshmen Orientation 
Committee, Chairman Transfer Welcome Committee, Big 
Sister, Publicity Committee; 63 

Lake, Clarice, 497 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Mass. 

Lander, Roberta E., 161 Berwick Road, Attleboro, Mass. 

Landon, Susan B., 130-37 224th Street, Laurelton, N.Y. 

Laskowski, Regina Claire, 98 Bellevue Road, Squantum, 
Mass. 02171; Commuter Organization; 105 

Lazer, Lynn Kayla, 267 High Street, Passaic, N.J. 07055; 
Community Advisor— Dix Hall, Chairman— Hastings House 
Creative Facilities Center Committee, Academy; 58 

Lear, Elaine Rose, 1801 South Ocean Drive, Hallandale, 

Leonard, Catherine Mary, 12 Hillside, Roxbury, Mass. 

Lepore, Marie, 16 Hubbardston Road, Dorchester, 

Levitt, Lynda Jane, 27 Lafayette Street, Pawtucket, R.I. 

Levy, Joan Ellen, 18 Juniper Street, Brookline, Mass.; 
Campus guide, Academy; 103 

Libman, Marcia Susan, 56 Parsons Drive, West Hartford, 
Conn. 06117; 107 

Lichtman, Carol Rae, 3 Charlotte Drive, Andover, Mass.; 

Lienhard, Babette Ann, 346 Hamilton Avenue, Glen Rock, 
N.J.; Dorm Assistant Fire Captain, Dorm Counselor, Stu- 
dent Advisor, Women's Caucus, Academy; 71 

Lieppe, Susan Rachelle, 39 Oaktree Lane, Manhasset, 
N.Y.; Psychology Liaison Committee; 47 

Lipman, Elinor Ida, 122 Rockingham Avenue, Lowell, 
Mass.; Janus, Student Advisor, Publications Liaison, 
Campus Guide; 103 

Listfield, Robin Fogel, 32 Judson Street, Apt. 13B, Edison, 

Loeser, Jane Elizabeth, 1 Connshire Drive, Waterford, 
Conn.; Academic Affairs Secretary, Social Chair- 
man—Arnold Hall, Modern Dance Club, Student Coordi- 
nating Council, H-P-F Committee, Ski Team, Freshman 
Orientation— Academic Orientation Chairman, Student Ad- 
visor—Evans Hall, Psychology Liaison, Photog- 
rapher—Microcosm; 99 

London, Sheila Natalie, 75 Bradeen Street, Roslindale, 
Mass. 02131; English Liaison Committee, Academy 

Loomis, Diane Elizabeth, Box 244 Shore Road, Westerly, 
R.I. 02891; 98 

Luce, Barbara E., 61 Alder Drive, Nashua, N.H. 03060; Fa- 
ther-Daughter Skit, History Liaison, Big Sister; 70 

MacDonald, Deborah King, 15 Morgan Street, Wenham, 
Mass.; Transfer Welcome Committee; Medical Tech- 
nology Liaison; 62 

Magnarelli, Armida Marie, 141 Brayton Road, Brighton, 
Mass. 02135; 55 

Mar, Janet H., 69 Verndale Street, Brookline, Mass. 
02146; Biology Liaison, American Chemical So- 
ciety—Student Affiliate; 73 

Mark, Linda Susan, 451 West Hudson Avenue, Engle- 
wood, N.J.; Physical Therapy Club; 54 

Mazzone, Ellen Catherine, 32 Curve Street, Needham, 
Mass.; Freshman Co-ordinating Council, Commuter Or- 
ganization, Academy; 52 

McCann, Jeanne Francis, 8 White Avenue, Chestnut Hill, 
Mass.; 77 

McCarthy, Ann Marie, 39 Clement Avenue, Peabody, 
Mass.; Father-Daughter Weekend, House Counselor, 
Nursing Liaison Committee; 52 

McCarty, W. Jeanne, 11 Atlantic Road, Swampscott, 
Mass.; Transfer from Connecticut College; 111 

McGillvray, Anne-Marie Celine, S. Ellen Road, Woburn, 
Mass. 01801; 82 

McGuckian, Maureen Ellen, 40 Montello Street, Lewiston, 
Maine; Janus Reporter, Sailing Club; 66 

McMahon, Catherine Driscoll, 293 Linwood Avenue, Whit- 
insville, Mass. 01588; Freshman Council, Simmons News, 
Scope, Class Secretary, Chairman— Friday Night— Father- 
Daughter Weekend, Chairman— May Breakfast, Govern- 
ment Liaison Committee, Washington Semester Program; 

Menendian, Lucy, 33 Carver Road, Watertown, Mass.; 
Glee Club; 51 

Meyers, Madelyn Ann, 1 Deerfield Circle, Carmel, Ind.; 50 

Middendorf, Jean Reynolds, Laurel Hollow, Syosset, N.Y.; 

Midgley, Wendy Robin, 7 Meadow Lane, Shrewsbury, 
Mass.; Father-Daughter Weekend Skit, Junior Welcome 
Publicity Committee, Academy; 59 

Milewski, Barbara Mary, 271 Pleasant Street, Holyoke, 
Mass. 01040 

Miller, Wendy Lynn, 39 Kent Street, Brookline, Mass. 

Mosca, Catherine Mary, 59 May Street, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mowitt, Lucinda, 264 Kelton Street, Allston, Mass. 

Moyer, Nancy Barrow, 1611 Greening Lane, Krikwood, 

Murdza, Susan Ellen, 85 Highland Street, Milton, Mass.; 
Student Advisor, Community Art Liaison Committee, 
Scope Poetry Committee, Simmons News Staff, Scope 
Lecture Committee, Prince Club; 82 

Murray, Earline Faulkingham, 36 South Street, Grafton, 
Mass. 01519 

Muscarella, Grace Hope, 22 Beecher Place, Newton 
Centre, Mass.; 67 

Nager, Anita Ruth, 138 Winslow Drive, West Haven, 
Conn.; Glee Club, House Counselor, Student Advisor, 
Psychology Liaison Committee, Hastings House Com- 
mittee, Academy, Alumnae Achievement Award, Father- 
Daughter Weekend Art Publicity Committee— Chairman, 
Freshman Orientation Art Publicity Committee; 77 

Nathan, Diana Lynn, 2913 Pine Haven Drive, Birmingham, 
Ala. 35223; Campus Guide, Secretary-Treasurer— Physical 
Therapy Club; 59 


Neuwirth, Susan Roslyn, 85 Reservoir Avenue, River 
Edge, N.J. 07661; Scope, Hillel, Dorm Secretary; 95 

Peikin, Linda Joyce, 175 Pleasant Street, Melrose, Mass.; 

Rich, Lois Jane, 2 Leonard Street, Annisquam, Mass.; 
House Counselor, English Liaison Committee; 106 

Newhall, Mary Marr, 533 Garrison Forest Road, Owings 
Mills, Md. 2117 

Newton, Ann Clukay, 5 Locke Avenue, Athol, Mass. 
01331; 78 

Miles, Karen Lee, East Mill, Port Allegany, Pa. 16743 

Nisonoff, Faye Michelle, 6 Cobb Road, New Brunswick, 
N.J.; Mathematics Liaison Committee, House Counselor, 
Academy; 71 

Norkus, Dorothy Ann, 25 Palmer Street, Arlington, Mass. 

O'Brien, Deidre Michaeline, 150 Melrose Street, Auburn- 
dale, Mass. 02166; 83 

O'Brien, Ruthellen, 4 Coolidge Road, Belmont, Mass. 
02178; Freshman Orientation Committee, Transfer Wel- 
come Committee, Big Sister, Circulation Manager and 
Senior Section Editor— Microcosm '72; 87 

Oliver, Ann Elizabeth, 250 West Langhorne Avenue, Beth- 
lehem, Penn. 18017; Transfer from Connecticut College, 
Economics Club, Economics Internship; 96 

Orgel, Kate Susan, 1045 Kipling Road, Elizabeth, N.J.; 84 

Osborne, Priscilla G., Box 128, Searsport, Maine 04974; 
Simmons News Staff, Potpourri; Academy, Simmons 
Christian Fellowship; 62 

Owens, Nancy Elizabeth, 18 Fairway Road, Paoli, Pa. 

Parseghian, Linda, 225 Common Street, Watertown 02172 

Parsons, Mary Elizabeth, 288 Maine Street, Brunswick, 

Paul, Nancy Lee, 40 Park Avenue, Walpole, Mass.; Big 
Sister, House Counselor, Psychology Club, Psychology 
Liaison Committee, Freshman Orientation; 74 

Penn, Gerry Ellen, 45 Cottage Street, Brookline, Mass.; 99 

Perros, Karen Ann, 29 Sutcliffe Road, Lynn, Mass. 01904; 
Glee Club, Vice President— Physical Therapy Club; 87 

Peters, Linda Terrill, 502 Beach Street, Revere, Mass.; 
Recreation Association Representative, North Hall Dorm 
Secretary, Panel Discussion Leader— Father-Daughter 
Weekend, Community Advisor— North Hall, Co-ordinating 
Council— Women's Caucus; 84 

Peterson, Nancy Ann, 7A Steiner Street, Lawrence, 
Mass.; Big Sister; 101 

Phelan, Tracy Ann, Route 6A, East Sandwich, Mass.; 70 

Piazza, Karen, 15 Kenwood Lane, Waltham, Mass.; 63 

Pickett, Margaret Ann, 87 Walworth Street, Roslindale, 
Mass. 02131; 85 

Plante, Kathleen, 12 Church Street, Morwich, Vt. 05055 

Polishook, Nancy Ellen, 73 Withington Road, Newtonville, 
Mass. 02160; 97 

Prendergast, Nancy L., 60 Church Street, Pascoag, R.I.; 
Simmoesn Drama Society, Big Sister; 95 

Purington, Marie York, 42 Westgate Road, Chestnut Hill, 
Mass. 02167 

Quan, Barbara Yem Hang, 9 Goodman Road, Cambridge, 
Mass. 99 

Racine, Martha Ann, 153 Elm Street, Somerville, Mass.; 
Commuter Organization, French Club 

Reapsome, Beth Anne, 506 Atkins Avenue, Lancaster, 
Pa.; Scope Publicity Committee, Dance Club President, 
Home Economics Liaison Committee— Co-chairman, Edi- 
tor of Course Evaluation Book; 76 

Ricketson, Rita Eileen, R.D. #2, Stowe, Vt. 05672; 102 

Riggs, Gail Ellen, East Acres, Troy, N.Y. 12180; Glee 
Club, Psychology Club; 53 

Riva, Deborah Ann, 8 Leonard Road, Peabody, Mass. 
01960; Sailing Club; 104 

Roberti, Katherine R., 25 Clinton Street, Maiden, Mass. 

Robinson, Doris B., 28 Karen Road, Waban, Mass.; 110 

Robinson, Janice Louise, Lake Road, Brookfield, Mass.; 
Glee Club, Chemistry Liaison Committee, Student Affiliate 
American Chemical Society; 66 

Robison, Gloria, Box 686, Caguas, Puerto Rico 00625; 73 

Rockel, Jacqueline Ruth, 87 Spring Street, Wakefield, 
Mass.; 68 

Rodbart, Delia Lynne, 617 Powells Lane, Westbury, N.Y.; 
Community Advisor— Smith Hall, Foreign Language Liai- 
son Committee Chairman, Acadmeic Affairs Committee, 
Chairman— Clerical Committee for Freshman Orientation, 
Academy; 88 

Rodman, Karen Woods, 14 Buswell Street, Boston, Mass. 

Rogers, Lynda Bowne, 49 Salem Street, Andover, Mass.; 
Transfer Student 

Roggi, Laura Gail, 3469 Milburn Avenue, Baldwin, N.Y.; 
Junior Welcome Committee, Psychology Liaison Com- 
mittee; 106 

Rose, Deborah, Irene, 117 Burlington Street, Providence, 
R.I. 02906; Second Circle, Dorm Treasurer, Student Ad- 
visor; 105 

Rosen, Iris Ellen, R.D. #2, Jamestown, Pa. 16134; 64 

Pavelle, Elizabeth Jane, 353 Rosedale Avenue, White 
Plains, N.Y. 10605 

Reynolds, Jamie Wilson, 156 York Street, York, Maine; 
EEC, Women's Caucus, Simmons Review; 104 

Rosenbaum, Natalie Shana, 1324 Church Hill Drive, Balti- 
more, Md. 21208; Glee Club, Father-Daughter Associate 

Pearson, Margit Linnea, 72 Church Street, Cohasset, 

Rice, Pamela Susan, 3863 Odin Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio; 
House Counselor, Student Advisor; 61 

Chairman, Freshmen Orientation Chairman, History Liai- 
son Committee, Academy; 76 


Rosenberg, Carol Marsha, 7761 Larzelere Lane, Wyncote, 
Pa. 19095; House Counselor, Smith Hall Vice President, 
Education Department Liaison Committee; 85 

Rosenfield, Marilyn Smith, 38 Bennigton Street, Newton, 
Mass. 02158 

Ross, Anne Hempson, 68 North Prescott Street, Memphis, 
Tn. 38111 

Roth, Dorothy Jo, 295A Stevens Avenue, Jersey City, N.J. 

Rothstein, Robin, 452 River Street, Forty Fort, Pa. 18704; 

Roy, Linda Ruth, 25 Hillside Road, Southbridge, Mass., 
Treasurer— Dix Hall; 75 

Rudavsky, Tamar, 3 Edith Road, Framingham, Mass. 

Russell, Catherine Mary, 332 Maple Avenue, Shrewsbury, 
Mass. 01545; 89 

Russell, June Roberta, 186 Park Drive, Longmeadow, 
Mass.; Second Circle, Dining Room Council— Dix Hall, 
Freshman Orientation Program Chairman; 102 

Saltzberg, Leslie, 69 Gillett Street, Hartford, Conn. 

Sarno, Cynthia Rose, 50 Pope Road, Acton, Mass., New- 
man Club; 65 

Savoy, Randi Joan, 38 West 33 Street, Bayonne, N.J.; 
Mathematics Liaison Committee, Treasurer— Armold Hall; 

Schenck, Paula, 16 Ryckman Avenue, Albany, N.Y.; Hillel, 
House Counselor— North Hall; 109 

Schonberger, Susan Elizabeth, 32 Sunny View Drive, Suf- 
field, Conn. 06078; Glee Club; 104 

Scibinico, Karen Anne, 459 East Foster Street, Melrose, 
Mass.; 63 

Serabian, Linda Martha, 39 Kent Street, Brookline, Mass. 

Severance, Kay, P.O. Box 96, Manchester, N.H.; 71 
Shain, Ruthe B., 31 Bartlett Road, Randolph, Mass. 

Shea, Janet Marie, 28 Dudley Lane, Milton, Mass.; 79 

Shea, Judith, 28 Dudley Lane, Milton, Mass.; 111 

Shepherd, Doreen Dolores, 285 Columbus Avenue, Strat- 
ford, Conn. 06497; Black Student Organization, Drama 
Club Production 

Shepler, Barbara Brewster, 2 Claflin Road, Brookline, 
Mass. 02146 

Sherman, Allyson Harriet, 5012 Alta Vista Road, Beth- 
esda, Md. 20014; 61 

Sherman, Mary Jane, 3451 Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, 

Shire, Linda Cathryn, 82 Jefferson Street, Dedham, Mass. 

Siegel, Bonnie Ellen, 59 Tanners Road, Great Neck, N.Y. 

Silver, Barbara Tina, 36 Church Street, Newport, N.H.; 
Hillel; 100 

Silver, Carol Nan, 541 Lowell Avenue, Newton, Mass. 

Simon, Lynne Marie, 98 Cedar Street, Wollaston, Mass. 

Skaves, Susan Lucille, 727 North Montello Street, Brock- 
ton, Mass. 02401 

Sligar, Geraldine Frances, 53 Riverside Street, Water- 
town, Mass.; 51 

Sloane, Thelma, 6 Lynn Road, Port Washington, N.Y.; 
Vice President— Dix Hall, House Counselor— Dix Hall, 
Nursing Liaison Committee; 63 

Smith, Kathleen Ann, 59 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, 

Spaulding, Marva A., 11 Keswick Street, Boston, Mass. 

Spencer, Janis Suzanne, 16 Liana Street, Woburn, Mass. 

Spurr, Edith Ethel, 240 Lynn Street, Peabody, Mass.; 
Nursing Curriculum Committee; 91 

St. Germain, KarenAnn, 16 Lebarron Way, Mattapoisett, 

Mass.; 94 

Stamman, Nancy Ann, 266 Lothrop Road, Grosse Pointe 
Farms, Mich. 48236 

Steinschneider, Jean Frances, 70 Old Hill Road, West- 
port, Conn.; 106 

Stewart, Susan Margaret, 2819 63d Avenue, Cheverly, 
Md.; English Liaison Committee; 111 

Tarnoff, JoAnne, 21 Ellery Street, Apt. 1, Cambridge, 
Mass. 02138; 104 

Taylor, Maureen Estelle, 139 Roosevelt Street, Hartford, 
Conn.; Black Student Organization— Treasurer, Liaison 
Committee— Management, Presidential Selection Com- 

Telangitz, Krista, 30 Dowd Street, Newington, Conn.; Psy- 
chology Club, Philosophy Movie; 74 

Towse, Linda Joyce, 7 Congress Street, Stoneham, 
Mass.; 56 

Tse, Mary Mo-Yung, 25 Brogan Road, Medford, Mass.; 
Commuter Club, Chinese Club 

Tucker, Michele Alloyce, 6505 16th Street, N.W., Wash- 
ington, D.C.; Black Student Organization, English Liaison 
Committee; 103 

Vary, Audrey Maria, 14 Nevada Road, Quincy, Mass. 

Viola, Karen Ann, 50 Crystal Hill Terrace, Westwood, 
Mass.; Home Economics Liaison Committee; 98 

Wacholder, Linda Adele, 60 B Washington Park Drive, 
Andover, Mass.; History Liaison Committee, Father- 
Daughter Weekend; 109 

Waixel, Cheryl Juliet, 68-07 174th Street, Flushing, N.Y.; 
House Counselor, Editor-in-Chief— Microcosm '72, Chair- 
man of Publicity Committee— Student Government, 
Staff— Course Evaluation Booklet, Big Sister, Transfer 
Welcome Committee, Freshman Orientation Committee; 

Walker, Ava Susan, P.O. Box 489, Dalton, Ga. 30720; 75 

Wallach, Ronnie Joyce, 2419 Willoughby Avenue, Sea- 
ford, N.Y. 11783; 107 


Wason, Wendy B., 15 Archer Lane, Darien, Conn. 06820; 
Glee Club, French Liaison Committee 

Waters, Genya Merian, 23 Derby Lane, Weston, Mass. 

Weinberg, Judith Omansky, 33 Edgerly Road, Boston, 
Mass., Education Liaison Committee; 102 

Weiner, Reva Raye, 802 Gaskill Avenue, Jeannette, Pa.; 
Management Department— Liaison Committee, Business 
Manager— Janus; 107 

Williams, Danny Marie, 7355 Amboy Road, Staten Island, 
N.Y. 10307; Simmons Drama Society, Hastings House 
Committee, Freshman Planning Committee, Student Rep- 
resentative to Alumnae Clubs; 1 1 

Williams, Elaine Paula, 47 Suffold Avenue, Swampscott, 
Mass.; 107 

Williams, Sarah Britton, 1712 Beverly Drive, Charlotte, 
North Carolina; South Hall President 

Wilson, Anne Cosette, 21 Summer Street, Kingston, Mass. 

Woods, Janice Marie, 69 Paul Gore Road, Jamaica 
Plains, Mass.; 49 

Wyman, Martha, 295 Marsh Street, Belmont, Mass. 

Yee, Anne Mee, 97 Waltham Street, Boston Mass.; Chi- 
nese Students Club; 85 

Yook, Doris Madson, Health Ridge, Northfield, Minnesota; 
Academy; 62 

Young, Susan, 665 Milton Road, Rye, N.Y. 

Wernick Roberta Rae, 4 Wayne Avenue, Claremont, N.H. 

Weston Cynthia Slotkin, 665 Second Avenue, Long 
Branch, N.J.; Hillel; 78 

Winneg, Nancy Blythe, 103 Whitford Street, Manchester, 

Wolf, Barbara H., 58 Winslow Road, White Plains, N.Y. 

Yu, Grace M., 23 A Emerald Court, Boston, Mass.; Biol- 
ogy Liaison Committee, Chinese Students Club; 72 

Zondiros, Martha Eddy, Lincoln Road, Lincoln Mass. 





mr. and mrs. George E. Bathras 

mr. and mrs. David W. Bermant 

mr. and mrs. Samuel D. Bryan 

mr. and mrs. V. C. Bui 

mr. and mrs. Garrett B. Caldwell 

mr. and mrs. John P. Craffey 

mr. and mrs. J. V. Dinarello 

mr. and mrs. John H. Dudley 

mr. and mrs. George H. Rtzsimonds 

mr. and mrs. Ivor Fix 

mr. and mrs. Philip I. Frankel 

mr. and mrs. Harold R. Gabianelli 

mr. and mrs. 1. 1. Goldenberg 

mr. and mrs. Joseph Indelicato 

mr. and mrs. Harris J. Jacqmin 

mr. and mrs. Nathan Kestnbaum 

mr. and mrs. M. L. Kraft 

mr. and mrs. Morris Lazer 

mr. and mrs. Fred T. Leipzig 

mr. and mrs. Ernest Lienhard 

mr. and mrs. A. A. Mazzone 

mr. and mrs. Timothy McCarthy 

mrs. Elizabeth D. McMahon 

mr. and mrs. S. Nager 

mr. and mrs. Walter M. Nathan 

mr. and mrs. Albert Nisonoff 

dr. & mrs. David F. O'Brien 

mr. and mrs. Albert D. Parseghian 

mr. and mrs. H. W. Reynolds 

mr. and mrs. Paul A. Roy 

dr. & mrs. P. Savoy 

mr. and mrs. Seymour Schonberger 

mr. and mrs. Julius Waixel 





Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry 

Room 601 373 Washington Street 

542-7793 Boston, Mass. 02108 


MICROCOSM 1972 was published by the Senior 
Class of Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts. 
Technical guidance provided to the staff by Ros- 
well Farnham, Jr. of Wm J Keller Inc. The book is 
printed in black ink on 80 lb. Anniversary Text. The 
end leaves are Linweave Textra. Body copy, head- 
ings and captions are set in Helvetica. Cover de- 
sign prepared by Ann Newton.